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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diet for weight loss

Diet and obesity are two words that are not integral especially for some people who want a proportional body and looks beautiful for women. Sure you can imagine when you meet a woman or a man whose body fat . Can certainly be concluded that the person had a lifestyle that is not good, assume there is a very unattractive appearance to the look.
Nearly every magazine you pick up tells you that you can lose chest fat quickly by following only a few routines. This is partially truthful, but only in the sense that you would have to do these routines dozens of times each day in order to be successful. The reality is that there is no way to lose fat in any one part of your body, but rather you have to drop the entire fat ratio over time.

The metabolism is tied to one very simple principle: no matter how many calories you ingest, you will keep every single one stored as fat if it is not burned off. It does not matter what you eat, how you eat, or when you eat, the rule is always the same. One thousand calories from a triple bacon cheeseburger is no different from one thousand calories from carrots and spinach: it all must be consumed as energy or it will be built up as body fat.
As such, the ideal way to lose chest fat is to reduce your caloric intake. While Americans typically think that it is necessary to eat twenty five hundred or more calories in the span of a single day, the number is actually lower than that. In fact, it is quite possible to go through the day eating only twelve hundred or so calories without feeling hungry.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, working a job in an office sitting down and then coming home to watch television, you may only need fifteen hundred or so calories to get through your day. This means cutting out the equivalent of a single meal, but will go a long way over time.

Of course, diet is only half the problem. In order to lose chest fat or fat in other parts of your body, you have to up your schedule of exercise in order to see results. Cardiovascular exercise is the most efficient way of burning off calories, as it demands consistent motion that will keep you funneling energy through your limbs. Whether you run, bike, swim, or just walk at a steady pace, try to get anywhere between half an hour to a full hour each day.

You can get as much cardiovascular exercise as you want, but it is important to go light as you start a routine. Stretch well prior to any workouts or you run the risk of snapping muscles or tendons that have not seen much use prior to the day, and get enough water before and after to avoid dehydration.


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